Carefully Placed Fillings Can Strengthen Damaged Teeth

If you have developed a cavity, Drs. Tran and Hoang will treat it as soon as possible. By addressing it immediately, your dentist can prevent the decay from spreading further and damaging your nearby teeth. With a light touch and skilled precision, he or she can place fillings with minimal discomfort. Though we are happy to provide dental sedation if needed, like most patients, you may find that our local anesthesia is sufficient.

What Is a Filling?

A filling is typically the most effective treatment for a small to moderately sized cavity. Fillings can be made from several different materials. Your dentist will guide you in selecting the type of filling most suited to your goals. Originally, all fillings were made of metal. Though we can still provide this durable material, it is becoming less common. Eventually, metal can show through your teeth, affecting the appearance of your smile. More patients choose tooth-colored composite resin instead. Not only will this material match the color of your smile, it can also form a stronger bond with your tooth. Additionally, Dr. Tran or Dr. Hoang can work more conservatively with these materials. They will not need to remove as much of your tooth structure during the filling process.

Long-Term Protection for Your Tooth

No matter what they are made of, fillings are very important for several reasons.

  • A filling will strengthen a weakened tooth, preventing chips, cracks, and similar damage.
  • Before placing your restoration, Dr. Tran or Dr. Hoang will clean out your tooth and remove bacteria. This will prevent microbes from spreading and destroying more of your tooth. In many cases, a filling can prevent the need for extraction, root canal therapy, and other more extensive treatment.
  • A filling will also keep bacteria from spreading to your other teeth and your gum tissue.

When Is a Filling Necessary?

Fillings are typically the most effective treatment for moderate dental decay. If you have a larger cavity, Dr. Tran or Dr. Hoang may recommend root canal therapy. Our dentists are very open and honest. They will carefully examine your tooth, and they will always recommend the treatment that is in your best interests.

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