Help Your Child Avoid Cavities

You want the best for your children, ensuring they enjoy a healthy and happy childhood. With children’s dentistry, we have options to help your little ones avoid the onset of cavities. From changes to their daily routine to regular visits, we have options to strengthen oral health and address trouble in the earliest stages. What can Dallas, TX, parents do to safeguard their children’s smiles?


Quiz: Different Treatments Used To Address Cavities

Why would one person’s cavity require a different kind of treatment than someone else’s? In cases where tooth decay is identified and treated at a relatively early stage, a patient would typically only require a dental filling to support their tooth. In a case where a person’s cavity is more severe, the appropriate treatment can involve a root canal, and the creation and placement of a custom dental crown. By staying on track with routine dental exams at your Dallas, TX dentist’s office, you can make it less likely a cavity will reach an advanced stage. These appointments also provide you with the kind of quality preventive care that can reduce the likelihood that a cavity will develop and impact your oral health. (more…)

What Can I Do To Keep My Dental Crown In Good Condition?

You can be more than ready to have a dental crown placed to address a problem tooth. This restoration is used to cover  damaged teeth, as well as those that have experienced advanced decay, or are naturally unable to provide proper functional support. After you receive your crown, you can feel better about the way you look, and enjoy freedom from discomfort. Of course, after your restorative dental work is done, your concern may move to preserving the condition of your crown. You should know that the modern crowns your Dallas, TX dentist provides can offer important functional support, so you should be comfortable using a crown to produce biting and chewing pressure like a normal tooth. As long as you keep up with smart oral health habits, you should be able to count on many years of support from your dental work! (more…)