Scheduling Preventive Visits: True Or False Quiz

calendarcircleMost patients will immediately answer, “Yes!” if we ask whether preventive dentistry is important. However, when we begin pressing a bit more, patients don’t necessarily have a solid handle on how often one should schedule an appointment. For instance, do you know whether different ages should see us as frequently? How about if you take excellent care of your teeth – do you think a preventive visit is necessary? If you’re not sure, you may wish to test your knowledge. Brushing up on your understanding of prevention can truly benefit your smile.

True-or-False Preventive Dentistry Quiz

  1. True or False: The best time to schedule your child’s first preventive visit is when the first permanent tooth completely develops.
  2. True or False: Even if you take great care of your teeth and are sure your brushing and flossing habits are on-point, you should still visit us once every six months for your preventive visit, including a dental checkup and cleaning.
  3. True or False: Patients suffering from periodontal disease should just see us once every six months like all other patients.

Dentistry Quiz Answer Key

  1. False. Waiting until your child’s permanent teeth are developing does not give us the option of guiding smile development. If this has happened, you should schedule an appointment immediately and we will be happy to begin providing treatment. However, the best time to begin scheduling your little one’s visits is when your child reaches six months of age or when the first tooth makes its appearance.
  2. True. Everyone needs checkups and cleanings. Even with great care, you can still experience concerns like jaw strain that you may not detect or worry about until serious damage occurs – during preventive visits, we may detect problems and offer care right away. We also need to provide a cleaning to cleanse away plaque you cannot address.
  3. False. We will likely suggest that you schedule preventive visits more often than other patients, so we can monitor and assist with restoring your oral health. We will suggest frequency of visits on a case-by-case basis.


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Flossing: True-or-False Dental Quiz

dentalflossWhen it comes to providing your teeth excellent preventive care, one item that is often overlooked is flossing. It’s like a final step that just seems like too much work but that is essential in protecting your teeth from the damage associated with tooth decay and gum disease. Wondering if when you do floss (which you should do every day) you’re doing it correctly? Test your knowledge and make any necessary changes for a truly healthy smile.


The Benefits Of Dental Implants

dentalimplantbonetissueIf you have thought to yourself that there must be some extraordinary way you can replace your tooth so that it seems like you never suffered from tooth loss, you’re on the right track. Dental implants provide patients with a surprisingly vast array of benefits. These prosthetics are titanium posts that we will use to replace your roots. After a recovery period, we will place a crown or other restoration on top of the post to restore the rest of your tooth. Wondering how implants may improve your smile and your life? Prepare to be impressed.


Addressing Your Dental Extraction Concerns

worriedwomantankYou will likely be hard-pressed to run into any patient who feels excited at the thought of receiving an extraction. However, the informed patient can easily weigh the pros and cons of this dental health solution and quickly come to the conclusion that a dental extraction offers wonderful protection for one’s oral health and therefore is a good choice. In fact, most of the concerns you have about tooth removal are issues you don’t even need to worry about. Learn more regarding the truth about extractions and you may find you feel enthusiastic rather than worried.


Root Canal Treatment: All About Comfort

womanwonderingheadbandYou may not usually associate the term “comfort” with “root canal” but we are here to tell you it’s about time you start doing just that. Surprisingly enough, root canal treatment is comfortable. What you may find even more shocking is that we suggest this treatment to end your pain, not to cause it. Rather than placing the health of your tooth – and your entire mouth – at risk of further complications resulting from current infection, we encourage you to learn more about the facts, so you feel positive about your upcoming visit to save your smile.


Butterfly Talk and Garden Walk

butterflycherryblossomDo you love the exceptional effervescence of butterflies? Is there something magical about them that you still experience from childhood? If so, it may be time to head over to the Native Texas Butterfly House & Garden for an enjoyable experience.


What’s A Dental Crown?

dentalcrownshollowHave you found yourself seeking information online or speaking with friends because you’re not quite sure what to make of crowns? Before you allow yourself to become confused, we encourage you to clear away the debris and receive the straightforward, surprisingly simple information that you need regarding what a dental crown provides patients and what exactly it is. You will find that this prosthetic tooth performs many helpful functions that may assist with restoring your smile.


Getting Serious About Dental Fillings

toothbandageIf you feel like the first person in the world that has ever left our practice with what feels like a million questions then you’re being too hard on yourself. This is a common occurrence, particularly after we have suggested a treatment like a dental filling to fix your tooth. Unfortunately, you may not know where to look for answers. Do yourself a favor, consider the information we have to offer and bring any additional inquiries to our attention during your next visit.


Who Needs Restorative Dentistry?

womanquestionredMost people will need restorative dentistry at least once. For instance, we find that a patient suffering from a cavity often feels like the “only one” who has ever experienced tooth decay when, in fact, few people escape the development of at least one cavity in the course of a lifetime. While we hope to assist you in maintaining a healthy smile with the use of preventive care, we are also happy to offer restorative services when concerns arise. Keep in mind – even patients who practice excellent daily hygiene may find themselves faced with an accidental tooth crack or other forms of damage that are sometimes just a part of life.


Gum Disease: Essential Info

brunettepointingsmileyoungTaking excellent care of your smile with preventive dentistry keeps gum disease at bay, as well as other oral concerns. Not quite sure what to make of this oral disease but you have heard it is quite serious? The good news is that keeping your gums in good health does not require difficult maintenance. However, it does require consistent care. By finding out more about why it develops and how to protect yourself from gum problems – also called periodontal disease – you can expect to enjoy a clean, comfortable, healthy smile for years to come. Find out more: