Protecting Kids From Cavities With Dental Sealants

In our last blog, we focused on how routine care, such as checkups and cleanings, can help protect little smiles from cavities. In today’s blog, we would like to talk about how your Dallas, TX, dentist can strengthen smiles and reduce the risk of cavities with a unique treatment option, dental sealants. How do dental sealants safeguard little smiles?

Placing A Preventive Coating

A cavity usually forms when we don’t adequately care for our smiles, combined with a diet high in sugary foods and drinks. Bacteria will consume the sugar particles trapped between the teeth, a process that causes high levels of oral acidity and creates plaque buildup, a sticky layer that can weaken and erode tooth enamel, enabling cavities to form. Even if kids brush and floss daily, they may have trouble reaching the rear teeth. Dental sealants are acrylic coating we apply to these teeth, which keeps food from becoming trapped between them. Placement only takes a few minutes and they can last several years, wearing away naturally with time. If necessary, we can always reapply them in the future.

Signs of a Cavity

We always suggest bringing kids in for checkups and cleanings every six months. We can monitor their smiles and identify the onset of decay in the earliest stages, treating the problem before it grows and threatens an infection. However, if you miss these appointments, your child may not know he or she has a cavity until the tooth begins to feel sensitive or ache. At this stage, the decay has progressed and could cause an infection or abscess unless treated quickly. If your child complains about a toothache, let us know so we can begin treatment immediately.

Preventing Further Tooth Decay

Along with dental sealants, we can also apply a fluoride varnish during checkup and cleaning visits. Fluoride strengthens the outer enamel and reduces the risk of cavities forming. We also suggest a cleaning, which removes plaque buildup, and daily brushing and flossing to control how much plaque accumulates in between office visits. Finally, offer your child healthy snack and drink options, and reduce their consumption of sugary sodas and candy. With the right steps, we can work together to help your little one enjoy optimal oral health and a reduced risk of tooth decay. If you have any questions about cavity prevention, dental sealants, or treatment, then contact our team today. Let us know if you’re ready to schedule a routine checkup and cleaning visit as well!

Does Your Child Need Preventive Care?

With our approach to children’s dentistry, we can help kids enjoy healthier smiles and avoid the onset of cavities. For more information on dental care for kids, schedule an appointment by calling Gentle Smiles in Dallas, TX, today at 972-329-7645 (972-329-SMILE).