Explaining When Your Smile Needs A Crown

If you have a cavity, then you probably need a filling. But when does a smile benefit from a more substantial restoration, such as a dental crown? In today’s blog, we’re looking at the scenarios that may call for a custom-made dental crown. What should Dallas, TX, patients expect from the placement process, and can the crown blend with the rest of their smile?

The Dangers of Damaged Teeth

The enamel that coats our teeth protects the smile from decay and other complications. However, injury to the teeth could cause chips or cracks to appear, and poor oral hygiene could erode the outer enamel. Soon, patients could develop cavities and infections, which cause discomfort and could eventually lead to a lost tooth. Addressing your damage or decay early helps protect your smile from pain, as well as serious complications that could impact your smile’s overall health and stability.

Creating Your Restoration

A crown is a perfect choice to repair your tooth, as it covers the entire visible portion. Creating them involves removing a small segment of tooth structure and then taking detailed impressions. Using these impressions, an expert ceramist will design the restoration and fabricate it from a variety of materials, but most often ceramic. We usually opt for ceramic for a number of reasons. First, the material is strong and durable. The material also contains stain-resistant properties and can be shaded to match the rest of your smile.

Placing Your New Crown

After we create the restoration, you will return to the office so we can place it using a powerful bonding material. We’ve placed them to repair broken, chipped, or fractured teeth. Placement also helps restore the shade and shape of your tooth, addressing cosmetic issues. They help close gaps between the teeth and even aid in tooth replacement, securing dental bridges and restoring dental implants.

Protecting Your Smile

After placement, you can take steps to keep your new restoration strong and bright. Be sure you continue to care for your smile from home, brushing and flossing daily to control plaque buildup and remove food particles. You should also see us every six months for a checkup and cleaning, so we can monitor your smile and remove plaques buildup to safeguard your smile against tooth decay, infection, and gum disease

Gentle Smiles Family Dentistry Restores Smiles

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