Avoiding Tooth Decay After Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day means cards, dinners for two, and yes, plenty of candy and chocolate. While everyone enjoys an occasional sweet treat, too much of a good thing could mean tooth decay. In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about possible solutions to tooth decay and steps our Dallas, TX, patients can take to avoid the onset of a cavity following Valentine’s Day!

How Candy Causes a Cavity

When we consume candy and other sweet treats, we leave sugary particles behind on and between our teeth. These particles will be broken down by harmful bacteria, a process that causes oral acidity to increase and plaque to accumulate on the surface of our teeth. The plaque weakens tooth enamel, causing erosion and eventually, the onset of a dental cavity. People may then begin to experience tooth sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks or persistent toothaches. Without treatment, the decay could eventually lead to an onset of a dental infection.

Preventing Tooth Decay

To enjoy your candy without putting your smile at risk, try to limit yourself to one to two pieces a day. Wash down your candy with a glass of water, which cleanses the mouth without exposing your smile to sugars and acids. Each day, be sure you brush your teeth when you wake up and again before going to bed. Each session should take two minutes and make use of a fluoridated toothpaste. You also need to floss before bed to reach the places a toothbrush’s bristles cannot. Schedule a visit every six months as well, so we can examine your smile and also clean your teeth, which enables us to remove all plaque and tartar from the surface of your teeth.

Placing Fillings and Crowns

For most cavities, we place a dental filling. We remove the decay and then clean the tooth. We next shade the filling material to blend with the tooth. After we apply the material, we shape the tooth as it cures under a light. Finally, we polish the tooth for a more natural appearance. For advanced cases of cavities, we may suggest a crown. The dental crown covers the visible portion of the tooth, addressing decay and infections and protecting the tooth. We may create them using lifelike materials, such as ceramic.

Gentle Smiles Family Dentistry Prevents Tooth Decay

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