Keep Your Smile Quality Up With Consistent Care

City Face Dallas TXThe maintenance of your oral health is something that follows you through your life. One of the most helpful tools in this process is your routine cleaning and examination. Take the time to schedule your appointment every six months, which is a helpful guideline for patients of all ages. Some smiles require additional in-person maintenance, so it is beneficial to set a distinct timeline with your qualified dental provider. This can be as a result of your specific genetics, or even an environmental concern.

At Gentle Smiles in Dallas, TX, we are here for the consistent care of your wonderful mouth. While you are in the office, bring up all of your concerns; this meeting is here for your overarching dental needs, so feel comfortable in explaining what has been bothering you. For some people, keeping a smile journal is a positive way of jotting down your needs. This can be as simple as sending yourself a text message when you notice a symptom!

Keep Your Timeline Tight, So That You Have More Information

Your semiannual checkups serve to give you the tools you need to be successful in your daily regimen. Without consistent visits, you could be missing areas of your mouth with your brushing and flossing. The visual examination portion of your checkup is a positive way to keep your dental health at a high level, through the identification of problem spots.

During this visit, you will also receive a dedicated cleaning of your smile, in order to rid your mouth of bacterial buildup. This initially starts with a film known as plaque, which you brush and floss away. In the places you miss, this situation can become more harmful. Plaque hardens into a different form called tartar, and this requires the help of a trained professional for its removal.

While You Are In The Office, Bring Up All Of Your Needs

One common pitfall in patient care is that people tend to gloss over their problems while they are speaking to a dentist. If you struggle with your anxiety when you speak with a healthcare professional, it can be helpful to write down your concerns as they happen. This approach has multiple benefits, so give it a try and see if a smile journal could work for you. For instance, realtime notation of your symptoms could be a way to reach a speedy diagnosis in the event of dentin sensitivity. What specific interactions are bothering you?

Communicative Dentistry In Dallas, TX

For more information, or to schedule an appointment with our team at Gentle Smiles Family Dentistry in Dallas, TX at 972-329-7645. Speak with us about all of your needs, so that we can start to work as soon as possible!