Important Points About Tooth Extraction

When you learn that you need tooth extraction, it may not seem like a step toward preserving your smile. Until now, the goal of your dental hygiene and preventive care routines have been to help you avoid compromising or losing any of your healthy, natural tooth structure. However, if tooth extraction becomes necessary, it’s important to remember the vital role it will play in helping you restore your smile and preserve the rest of your healthy, natural teeth. Today, we examine a few of the most important points about tooth extraction, and what you should remember about seeking treatment as soon as possible if it becomes necessary.

Why it’s better to extract the tooth

For many people, the first response to being told they need tooth extraction is to search for an alternative. In some cases, seeking a second opinion may be a good idea. However, once it’s clear that tooth extraction is necessary, it’s important to realize why extracting the tooth is your best option. In less severe cases of tooth damage, infection, and other oral health concerns, the right custom dental restoration (such as a dental crown) can often save the tooth and help you preserve the rest of its healthy structure. Tooth extraction is only reserved in extreme cases when a dental crown or other restoration isn’t enough to save the tooth and restore its function.

Why it’s best not to wait longer

Most concerns that develop with the health and integrity of your teeth, as well as most other oral health concerns, are progressive in nature. Whether your tooth has suffered severe tooth decay, a fracture, or a break, the condition will grow worse over time. Because tooth extraction is a last-resort option for preserving your oral health, waiting longer can mean even more serious complications for your oral health by the time you do extract the tooth. Also, the sooner you remove the compromised tooth from your dental ridge, the faster you can rebuild your smile by replacing it with a lifelike restoration.

Why it’s important to replace the tooth

The point of extracting a tooth is to remove any potential threat that it might pose to your other teeth or oral tissues. Once the tooth is gone, this goal is accomplished. However, its loss won’t go unnoticed by the rest of your oral structures, which is why it’s just as important to replace the tooth with a custom restoration after it’s been extracted. Restoring the extracted tooth will help you preserve the proper balance and function of your bite, and prevent your remaining teeth from moving out of alignment and becoming compromised, as well.

Learn more about the need for tooth extraction

Knowing that you need tooth extraction is one thing, but it’s just as important to know why, and what you should do afterward to preserve your healthy smile. To learn more, schedule an appointment by calling Gentle Smiles in Dallas, TX, today at 972-329-7645 (972-329-SMILE).