Minimal Discomfort Dental Extractions in a Matter of Minutes

Whenever possible, we will work hard to save your tooth. Often, we can restore even seriously damaged teeth with dental crowns or root canal therapy. However, in some cases, a compromised tooth can pose a risk to your overall dental health. If it is not possible to save your tooth, then we may recommend a tooth extraction.

When Is Extraction Necessary?

In cases of dramatic dental damage, extraction may be the best solution. Situations in which you may need tooth removal could include:

  • Extensive decay that has completely infected your root canals
  • A crack that has extended all the way to your root
  • A single tooth that causes severe crowding
  • A severely loosened tooth due to gum disease

Compassionate Treatment for Severe Dental Damage

Dr. Hoang is particularly adept at extractions, and, in most cases, he can complete them very quickly. Before beginning the procedure, he will numb your tooth and gums, so you should feel very little during the treatment. If you are very nervous about your extraction, we can also supply nitrous oxide or oral sedation. However, thanks Dr. Hoang’s gentle techniques, most patients find that they do not require sedation. After your extraction, we will guide you in the best ways to speed your recovery, and we will recommend a suitable treatment to restore your smile.

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