Providing Quality Dental Care For Your Whole Family

Kids and their parents can have different interests, and different priorities. With that said, your biggest priority is making sure they are cared for. When it comes to oral health care, you can serve as a role model and an instructor, which can help you make sure your kids are doing a good job protecting themselves against tooth decay and gum disease. While you can be important to their smile care needs, you should not be their only form of support. Your Dallas, TX dentist can provide quality care for your kids, to make sure they are free from dental troubles. Our office is also ready to help adults maintain their oral health – remember, you also have a responsibility to take care of yourself!

Providing A Quality Oral Health Care Experience For Kids

Our practice is mindful of how kids can be relatively unclear about how to best take care of their teeth. For younger patients especially, education and guidance can be important parts of every routine pediatric dental exam. During each appointment, we can provide kids with detailed instructions on better smile care at home. That means walking them through brushing and flossing, and discussing the role nutrition plays in oral care.

Making Sure Adults Enjoy Important Smile Care

If you want to make sure your teeth stay healthy, keep up with good brushing and flossing habits at home, and see your dentist for semiannual checkups. These visits can help you maintain a cavity-free smile. When a problem does occur, you can be relieved to have treatment when you only need a dental filling. When issues with tooth decay go undetected for an extended period, the problem can become more consequential, and your treatment can involve a root canal procedure.

Tips To Help Your Family Enjoy Better Smile Care At Home

Your dentist is ready to talk to your kids – and you – about better oral health practices. With that said, those six month gaps between appointments can sometimes make younger patients complacent. If your child is new to brushing and flossing on their own, dropping in on them to see how they are performing these tasks can be important. Be aware that because kids sometimes struggle to brush and floss effectively, it can be particularly important to limit how much sugar they consume, as they may be doing a less than perfect job keeping their teeth and gums clean.

Talk To Gentle Smiles Family Dentistry About Scheduling Care For Your Family

Gentle Smiles Family Dentistry is ready to help everyone in your family enjoy fantastic oral health care! Our practice is ready to help younger patients learn about the importance of good smile care, and we are prepared to provide professional treatment that will keep their teeth and gums in top shape. We are also here to help parents keep on top of their oral health needs! Contact us today by calling 972-329-7645 (972-329-SMILE) to schedule an appointment!