How a Dental Crown Can Fix Your Smile

When you have an issue with your tooth, such as damage to its structure or a severe cosmetic blemish, a dental crown may be your best option for fixing it. Also referred to as a dental cap, a crown is designed to protect your tooth’s visible structure by completely covering it up to the gum tissue. At our Dallas, TX, dental office, we may recommend placing a dental crown for several different reasons. We can also custom-design your restoration to ensure optimal cosmetic and restorative results for your tooth and smile.

The point of a dental crown

When a tooth becomes chipped, cracked, fractured, or broken, the damage to it will continue to grow worse as the tooth is exposed to more bite pressure. The longer the tooth is left untreated, the more severe the damage will become, and in extreme cases, the tooth may fall out or need to be extracted and replaced. Before this occurs, we can place a dental crown over the tooth to absorb the pressure of your bite and to prevent it from causing the structural damage in your tooth from growing worse.

When a crown is most appropriate

One of the reasons why dental crowns are so popular is because they can fix your tooth under a wide range of different circumstances. For example, a crown can be recommended for a severe fracture that extends through a significant portion of your tooth’s crown. It may also be the best option if your tooth has a mid- or large-sized piece break off of it completely. The loss of the tooth structure makes your tooth significantly weaker and more likely to experience further damage. However, a dental crown can fortify the tooth by completely capping it as well as restore your bite’s ability to function and balance its pressure properly.

When you need to replace a tooth

For centuries, dental crowns have been a preferable restorative option for fixing compromised teeth. Today, though, they’re becoming an increasingly more popular way to replace lost teeth. When coupled with a dental implant – a small, root like titanium post – a dental crown can create a highly lifelike and conservative prosthesis to replace your lost tooth. The implant post is inserted into the jawbone to act as a replacement for the tooth’s root, while the dental crown can be custom-designed to mimic the tooth’s healthy, natural visible appearance.

Fix your tooth with a dental crown

Today’s dental crowns can restore and improve teeth in a variety of ways, making them versatile enough to be ideal for a wide range of dental health concerns. For more information, schedule an appointment by calling Gentle Smiles in Dallas, TX, today at 972-329-7645 (972-329-SMILE).