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Should You Choose a Tooth-Colored Filling?

When you have a cavity, treating it as soon as possible is necessary to prevent more extensive tooth damage and decay. For most patients, that means receiving a custom-made tooth filling to fill the cavity after their dentist has carefully removed the decay from it. However, every cavity is different, as are the unique dental… Read more »

Fillings That Fit Every Need

When you need dental treatment, you have a choice of what kind of treatment, materials, and results you receive. When it comes to treating tooth decay (the most common dental health condition), those choices often include the material used to fill your cavity. For some patients, modern tooth-colored fillings are the best and most attractive… Read more »

When Tooth Extraction Is a Good Idea

Being told that your tooth must come out is rarely taken as good news. As if a damaged or diseased tooth weren’t bad enough, losing it can significantly reduce your confidence in your smile. Nevertheless, sometimes a tooth must be extracted, whether to preserve the remainder of your oral health or because the tooth has… Read more »

Enjoy Your Meals More, with a Modern Dental Filling

Meals, snacks, and even drinks can cause tooth sensitivity, particularly if they are very hot or very cold. Just because sensitivity is common, though, it doesn’t meant that you should ignore it. In many cases, tooth sensitivity exists because of an underlying and undiagnosed dental issue, such as a cavity. To help protect your smile,… Read more »

Tired of Feeling Dental Pain? Restorative Treatment Could Help

Ouch! Are mealtimes no longer about enjoying time with loved ones, and great food? Have they become a time of discomfort and pain, due to an undiagnosed dental issue? If so, don’t keep settling for dental problems interrupting your daily life and putting a damper on your favorite activities, like family dinner. Instead, talk to… Read more »

Is Restorative Dentistry Really Necessary?

Have you been experiencing increased tooth sensitivity recently, particularly when you try to enjoy your meals? What about pain when you try to sip a hot cup of coffee, or bite into an ice cream cone? If so, you may feel tempted to ignore it, or to simply hope that it will go away on… Read more »

Got a Cavity? Talk to Your Dentist About a Dental Filling

Are you worried about your smile, because lately you have been unable to enjoy your meals or even coffee breaks without dental discomfort getting in your way? Have you spent weeks simply avoiding any foods or drinks that cause discomfort, instead of taking time to figure out why the pain is occurring? Basically, do you… Read more »

Need to Complete Your Smile?

Do you remember the first time you lost a tooth as a child, more specifically the mix of excitement and anticipation you experienced at the idea of being visited by The Tooth Fairy, or simply having proof that you were growing up? Many kids are so ecstatic at the idea of losing a tooth that… Read more »

Worried About Restorative Dental Treatment? Don’t Be

Are you avoiding your favorite foods or drinks because of dental discomfort? Are you pretty sure you have a problem, but feel hesitant to find out what it could be? Have you been postponing a dental visit for several weeks, now, because you are concerned about how restoration will feel? What about how your smile… Read more »

Easter Basket Fun without the Sugar Overload

What kid doesn’t love being visited by the Easter bunny, namely excitedly opening a basket of goodies on Easter morning? In fact, what parent doesn’t secretly love gathering the little trinkets and treasures that will garner smiles from those same happy kids? This year, though, why not choose items that can cause smiles and protect… Read more »