Treating Advanced Gum Disease

dallas gum diseaseAccording to studies from the Centers for Disease Control, gum disease impacts half of people over the age of 30. Without treatment, this could lead to discomfort and even tooth loss. In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX, dentist talks about how we can use minor oral surgery to manage the disease and prevent issues like tooth loss!

The Causes and Dangers of Gum Disease

Gum inflammation, also known as gingivitis, could cause discomfort and unless treated, grow more severe with time. Eventually, the gum tissue pulls away from the teeth and exposes deep pockets for bacteria to enter, which then leads to periodontal disease. While gingivitis can be reversed, periodontal disease cannot. But treatment is recommended to prevent the disease from reaching the late stage, known as periodontitis, which is linked to adult tooth loss. The inflammation and disease could be the result of poor oral hygiene habits. Infrequent brushing and flossing, and lack of dental cleanings, allows plaque and tartar to accumulate on the teeth and inflame the gingival tissues. Other factors include a family history of the disease, using cigarettes and other tobacco products, inflammatory illnesses, and the use of certain medications.

Signs of Trouble

You may intimal notice your gums appear redder than normal, or may swell or recede. Discomfort is common, as is bleeding when you brush and floss. When you have sensitive gums that bleed easily, let us know. This could mean the presence of the disease, and that treatment is needed. For minor cases, a deep cleaning known as a scaling and root planing, followed by traditional cleanings every three to four months, could manage the issue. But for more severe cases, you may need oral surgery!

Minor Surgical Procedures

We could prescribe Gingival Flap Surgery, in which separate gum issue from the teeth to more plaque and tartar in the pockets. This often helps smiles in which there are pockets deeper than 5mm. A Gingivectomy allows us to remove excess or swollen tissues that grow over the teeth and impact the health and appearance of the smile. We use laser dentistry to perform this quickly and comfortably, often without the need for anesthesia. Gingivoplasty helps us reshape the gum line and graft tissue onto areas with severe recession.

If you have any questions about how we treat this disease and manage it, then contact our team today. We can help you enjoy a healthy, comfortable smile, and avoid the onset of missing teeth.

Do You Have Any Questions About Periodontal Surgery?

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