Your Dental Routine Keeps Teeth Healthy

Oral health is not a matter of taking one major step. While receiving a dental crown or filling can repair the damage done by bacteria, true oral health is achieved by a consistent dental routine. Having a daily cleaning routine, understanding your dietary habits, and making regular appointments at your dentist’s office are all essential for keeping your teeth healthy and strong. How well you stick to your routine may very well determine the long-term health of your teeth and gums. Do you have a dental routine to keep your teeth healthy? Now is the time to establish one.

Daily Cleaning Is Vital for Your Dental Routine

You’re probably already aware that you should be brushing your teeth twice daily to keep your teeth clean. Are you actually hitting that mark, though? Teeth brushing disrupts the formation of bacterial plaques that cause tooth decay. If you fail to brush your teeth often, that bacteria becomes more difficult to remove, and the harmful acid produced by that bacteria builds. Make sure you are brushing your teeth thoroughly at least twice per day. You should also be flossing regularly. Many people struggle to consistently floss their teeth, but this step can preserve the lifespan of your teeth. Try putting your floss next to something you use every morning or evening to help remind yourself.

Dietary Habits Are Part of Your Routine

The food and drinks you consume have an impact on the health of your teeth as well. Acidic drinks can wear down your enamel, weakening it and making the surface more vulnerable to cavities. Additionally, sugary foods stick to the surfaces of your teeth and create an easy food source for bacteria. This residue can remain on your teeth for hours after you’ve finished eating. Brushing after meals and swishing water in your mouth can help minimize this problem.

Make Routine Visits to Your Dentist

Although dental appointments aren’t part of your daily routine, they are important to your broader care routine. Some individuals go years between their dental visits. Often, when they do finally make an appointment, they have several cavities that need to be addressed. Making visits every six months allows your dentist to check in and ensure that serious infections are not developing. A professional dental cleaning can remove harmful buildup before it matures into a dangerous cavity.

Make Gentle Smiles Part of Your Routine

Gentle Smiles provides excellent dental care in a clean, comfortable environment. Our office prides itself on its rigorous hygiene standards. We want every patient to feel welcome and relaxed when they visit. Make sure you’re keeping up with your oral health routine by scheduling an appointment at Gentle Smiles in Dallas, TX. Contact our office by phone at 972-329-7645.