A New Dental Dawn With A Root Canal

Morning Dallas TXToothaches can lead to insufferable pain and this situation often becomes all that you can think about until the situation recovers. When the cause is due to internal bacterial infection, a root canal can be a highly effective way of eradicating this hard to reach infection. This procedure includes a pulpectomy, where a qualified dental professional removes the soft interior of the tooth that houses these microscopic colonies. After the damaged tissue has been cleared, the areas where the circulatory system links this location to the rest of the body need to be sealed with a plant-based putty.

Root canals are a vital part of keeping dental health safe after the onset of infection. At Gentle Smiles Family Dentistry in Dallas, TX, we can help you to end your painful toothache due to bacterial growth through the use of this procedure. Discover how a dental crown can help afterward to reinforce the stability of this location and give you back a beautiful smile!

How Bacteria Form Inside Your Natural Teeth

There are a few different distinct ways that bacteria can infiltrate the structure of the tooth. Enamel damage is a uniting factor in many of these. If you have other concerns about the vitality of this material within your mouth, bring this to the attention of your dentist and schedule a cleaning and examination to prevent future enamel harm.

One of the most common instances occurs as a result of periodontal disease. This refers to the infection of the gum tissue and it can cause the material to recede from its healthy location on your gumline. Bacteria can slip in at the connection between the tooth and the jaw and start to take hold even in an otherwise healthy smile.

How The Root Canal Process Operates

Root canals rely first upon the removal of the infected soft portion of the tooth. Once the site is clear, your dentist will seal the contacts to the rest of the body. While this effectively removes the infection, your tooth will be left unstable until you receive a dental crown to reinforce things. Crowns are durable caps that stay permanently attached to your natural tooth after a root canal. These life-like restorations can give you back a suitable chewing surface that looks beautiful!

Gorgeous Smile Restoration Alongside Your Root Canal In Dallas, TX

Your toothache could be causing further damage while you wait to seek treatment. Start today by calling Gentle Smiles Family Dentistry in Dallas, TX at 972-329-7645 to learn how a root canal can help you to eliminate the infection that is causing your pain. Your infection could spread to the bone or even the bloodstream, so do not wait in seeking treatment for your condition. Discover how a gorgeous life-like new dental crown can help you to bite with confidence, both in function and appearance.