Quiz: Different Treatments Used To Address Cavities

Why would one person’s cavity require a different kind of treatment than someone else’s? In cases where tooth decay is identified and treated at a relatively early stage, a patient would typically only require a dental filling to support their tooth. In a case where a person’s cavity is more severe, the appropriate treatment can involve a root canal, and the creation and placement of a custom dental crown. By staying on track with routine dental exams at your Dallas, TX dentist’s office, you can make it less likely a cavity will reach an advanced stage. These appointments also provide you with the kind of quality preventive care that can reduce the likelihood that a cavity will develop and impact your oral health.


True Or False: Once a cavity forms, you can take as much time as you want to schedule treatment. Fortunately, cavities never worsen after they form.

True Or False: In many cases, a cavity can be treated with a dental filling. If the problem does too much damage to make a filling adequate, a dental crown can be required.

True Or False: A cavity that leads to a tooth infection, which can cause you pain, and threaten the health of your tooth.


False! Unfortunately, an untreated cavity will continue to worsen as time passes. If you delay care, or if you avoid routine exams and allow decay to go undetected, you can end up needing more involved work on your tooth.

True! Dental fillings are capable of restoring a tooth after some decay. However, it is possible for a cavity to do more damage than a filling should be relied on to remedy – in these cases, dental crowns can be used.

True! Once a cavity reaches your pulp, an infection that affects the tooth’s living tissues can lead to serious discomfort, and require more involved care. Regular dental exams create opportunities for your dentist to spot a cavity before this stage is reached.

Gentle Smiles Family Dentistry Can Address A Cavity, And Restore Your Oral Health

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